I took this pic of my friend Moi on a cycling trip in Normandy. I’m quite proud of the composition in this pic 🙂  The road narrows into the distance in the centre; the left part of the pic has a slightly dramatic band of leafless deciduous trees and Moi strikes a pose on the right on his cycle.  A group of us on a daytrip to Normandy hired bicycles at Bayeux (of the tapestry fame) to cycle down to the D-Day Beaches. We loved cycling in the quiet rustic tree-lined roads of the rural French countryside. We visited Omaha beach and the US War cemetery that features in the Speilberg movie Saving Private Ryan. We later calculated using maps that we must have cycled 50-60km that day as we avoided the busy (and very dangerous to neophyte cyclists) expressway and took the meandering countryside roads instead. Of course we paid for it by hobbling around our hostel for the next two days 🙂