Brugge in Belgium is one of the loveliest towns I have visited. It’s definitely on my “must visit again” list. The town has a medieval europe flavor and draws mostly european daytrippers. It has not yet entered most european tour itineraries in India & the east. Marketed sometimes as the Venice of the North, Brugge is full of quiet canals & waterways that are brilliantly lit up in the night. Brugge used to be the primary port of northern europe and had warehouses and merchanthouses lining these canals servicing ships from 1100 AD to 1500AD. The channel that connected Brugge to the sea silted up after that however & the coastline moved away to where currently the modern seaport of Zeebrugge is located. The bellfry of its curch – lit in orange in the second picturue is the town’s most distinctive feature